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[Bug 23357] New: Subverting CSP policies for browser add-ons (extensions).

[CORS] Clarifying the term "user credentials"

[CORS] Security models and confusion about credentials

[CORS] Typo in Preflight Request step 10

[webappsec] Charter review

[webappsec] CSP: are blob uri's really just origin='self'?

[webappsec] Draft Agenda for 10-Sep-2013 Teleconference

[webappsec] FW: Zakim - no coverage on 20, 23, and 24 September

[webappsec] LC for Web Notifications

[webappsec] POLL: Getting CSP 1.1 to LCWD

[webappsec] Proposal: Closing the feature set of CSP 1.1

[webappsec] Sep 24 teleconference CANCELLED

[whatwg] [Workers] CSP and SharedWorkers

[Workers] CSP and SharedWorkers

Adding cookie scope to CSP

Attempt to use CSP - Questions

CSP 1.0: s/caller/legacycaller/

CSP and Fetch

Fwd: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing - text

Plan to transition Web Notifications spec to LCWD

Serialized suborigins


Updated script hash proposal (non spec text)

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