Proposal: moving tests to GitHub


   We just had a small discussion on webapps-testsuite [1] about the  
possibility of moving the webapps tests.  I was wrongly under the  
impression that we had discussed this before (hey, confusion is not a  
crime ;) ).  Now that HTML has done the move, I think it is time for us to  
look at it too.  Ms2ger and Robin, which did most of the HTML testsuite  
[2] move were happy to help [3].

Ms2ger proposed merging our repository with HTML at the same time and not  
necessarily having one repository for each group.  I was already thinking  
such a move might be beneficial to do for webapps and webappsec, but it  
might be even more simple to also have html testsuite in that merge.

Robin wrote an email describing what they did for the HTML move, some of  
which should be relevant for our potential move too [4].  Of particular  
interest the possibility for having tests in folders by section of the  
spec, and making submissions pull requests.

I'm interested in such a move because it'll make our tests more visible,  
and easier to contribute to.  Just this weekend the Server Sent Events  
spec got 6 pull requests from a GitHub user "Yaffle" [5].  Note that that  
particular repository will be moved into however our new test repository  
structure will be, so it probably won't remain as a separate repository.


Odin Hørthe Omdal (Velmont/odinho) · Core, Opera Software,

Received on Tuesday, 22 January 2013 10:54:37 UTC