Re: DOM event detection

I read Kangax's post, but I hadn't actually seen the tool on github, thanks
for that.

The way that one would hope Fx might support it is by providing an "oninput"
method on the INPUT element and allowing you to support it that way.

However, regardless of whether this is a bug in Fx or not, the main point is
that the DOM specs as they stand don't actually specify a way that browsers
should be exposing DOM event support. This is what I'm hoping we can change,
so in future there's a reliable method of detecting DOM event support in all


On 21 December 2010 22:37, Ryan Seddon <> wrote:

> It's actually a bug in Firefox[1] which unfortunately been around for a
> very long time, since 2003, and isn't isolated just on the input event it
> also affects the invalid event. For detecting events kangax has created a
> handy method called isEventSupported[2] which will detect 99% of events
> successfully, albeit not input or invalid events in FF due to the above
> mentioned bug.
> [1]
> [2]
> -Ryan
> On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 10:44 AM, Robin Winslow <>wrote:
>> After a brief correspondence with Robin Berjon he suggested I post this
>> suggestion here.
>> After having problems with detecting support for the HTML5 'input' event (
>> I started wondering if there was
>> a DOM specification for detecting support for DOM events in browsers.
>> After a brief email correspondence with Robin Berjon, and looking around a
>> bit myself, it appears that there is no specific mention of this in the
>> current HTML5 or DOM specifications. There is some mention of DOM events
>> being exposed as methods ( but this may not
>> necessarily apply to all DOM elements.
>> Therefore, I'd like to suggest that we try to come up with a standard way
>> of suggesting that support for DOM elements be exposed, to enable developers
>> to tell which events are supported.
>> One method that works in Webkit and Gecko for many methods, although I
>> don't think it's in any W3C specification, is to include methods for each
>> event them in the "Event" object, e.g.:
>> 'CLICK' in Event; // true
>> 'CHANGE' in Event; // true
>> 'INPUT' in Event; // false
>> Does that seem like a reasonable method of DOM event support detection?
>> Could it be included as a recommendation in the specification somewhere?
>> Cheers,
>> Robin.

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