Re: DOM event detection

It's actually a bug in Firefox[1] which unfortunately been around for a very
long time, since 2003, and isn't isolated just on the input event it also
affects the invalid event. For detecting events kangax has created a handy
method called isEventSupported[2] which will detect 99% of events
successfully, albeit not input or invalid events in FF due to the above
mentioned bug.



On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 10:44 AM, Robin Winslow <>wrote:

> After a brief correspondence with Robin Berjon he suggested I post this
> suggestion here.
> After having problems with detecting support for the HTML5 'input' event (
> I started wondering if there was
> a DOM specification for detecting support for DOM events in browsers.
> After a brief email correspondence with Robin Berjon, and looking around a
> bit myself, it appears that there is no specific mention of this in the
> current HTML5 or DOM specifications. There is some mention of DOM events
> being exposed as methods ( but this may not
> necessarily apply to all DOM elements.
> Therefore, I'd like to suggest that we try to come up with a standard way
> of suggesting that support for DOM elements be exposed, to enable developers
> to tell which events are supported.
> One method that works in Webkit and Gecko for many methods, although I
> don't think it's in any W3C specification, is to include methods for each
> event them in the "Event" object, e.g.:
> 'CLICK' in Event; // true
> 'CHANGE' in Event; // true
> 'INPUT' in Event; // false
> Does that seem like a reasonable method of DOM event support detection?
> Could it be included as a recommendation in the specification somewhere?
> Cheers,
> Robin.

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