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removal of question marks in gap analysis JC Verdié (Thursday, 28 November)

[apis] Clarification on Requirement for Content Streaming Mandyam, Giridhar (Wednesday, 27 November)

payment requirement JC Verdie (Wednesday, 27 November)

[apis] New template for Use Cases JC Verdie (Wednesday, 27 November)

[api] minutes - 27 November 2013 Daniel Davis (Wednesday, 27 November)

[apis] weekly call JC Verdie (Wednesday, 27 November)

[apis] agenda for media apis TF call today JC Verdié (Wednesday, 27 November)

Action-168 and Action-169 are completed (RE: [apis] feedback from TPAC face-to-face meeting) HU, BIN (Sunday, 24 November)

[apis] feedback from TPAC face-to-face meeting Olivier Thereaux (Wednesday, 20 November)

[apis] Web Cryptography API (Was: Re: [apis] volunteers for spec review / gap analysis Yosuke Funahashi (Monday, 11 November)

Re: [apis] A look at MSE - Gap analysis Giuseppe Pascale (Monday, 11 November)

Re: [css-ui] Agenda request: Revive directional focus navigation properties Leif Arne Storset (Thursday, 7 November)

[testing] minutes - 6 November 2013 Daniel Davis (Wednesday, 6 November)

[apis] TPAC - presentation of prototypes and demos? Olivier Thereaux (Tuesday, 5 November)

Fwd: Second Screen Presentation Community Group Proposed Olivier Thereaux (Tuesday, 5 November)

Liaison Statement to W3C (SC 29 N 13830) WATANABE Shinji (Monday, 4 November)

Second liaison document from MPEG on DASH, with the latest versions of the standard documents Jean-Claude Dufourd (Monday, 4 November)

Liaison document from MPEG on DASH Jean-Claude Dufourd (Monday, 4 November)

TPAC 2013: draft agenda Giuseppe Pascale (Monday, 4 November)

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