New draft of Chapter 7 Process proposal

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changes were mostly related to Ivan Herman's comments and subsequent  
  - tweaked and poked at Section 7.6.2 on modifying a recommendation
  - added requirements for status to be unique, and explicitly identify if  
a spec is published as a provisionally approved Recommendation  
(technically, there is no requirement to republish in this case) or a W3C  
Recommendation (Yes, these really need to be republished still :) ).
  - Some editorial stuff

Full changelog at

Your comments on the changes, or the document as is, are as always very  

There are now 7 issues pending review. Issues 2 and 37 are old and I think  
only pending review because we forget them. 44-46 are from the last draft  
(there has been no meeting of the Ch7TF since then). Issue 47 is dealt  
with in this draft, but I am not sure if it is ready for closing, and  
would really appreciate a close look. Issue 48 is also dealt with in this  
draft, and while of course I appreciate feedback I am happier that it has  
been handled reasonably.

There is also the open issue 39 (transition) and accompanying discussion  
on this list.

Finally, Ivan Herman points out that the name Last Call Candidate  
Recommendation is horrid. I agree, but think we need "Last Call" in the  
title to help us clarify that it is the stage referred to in the Patent  
Policy as "Last Call". Anyone have a good idea for this?



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