Changes to classes of changes?

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>>>>> I raised ISSUE-47 for this point. I think that markup changes should be allowed "silently" - i.e. no announcement required.
>>>> Here is the Director's current policy:
>>> Thanks. I am proposing to bring the Process more in line with this. But I am still not entirely happy with the section - it is unclear *who* can request or approve a change…
>> That document says:
>> "Editors (or others) send a request to the Webmaster, cc'ing the domain lead, webreq, and w3t-comm. The request must include:"
>> I believe it is intentionally left open. I would not want to constrain it unwittingly.
> Nor would I. But in the latest draft (just pushed to public), I "wittingly" set expectations of who might do this.
> Review and feedback appreciated.

Hi Charles,

It seems the definitions of classes of changes have changed. My recollection of discussion in June was that we planned to import as-is the change classes. You have changed

 "Corrections that do not affect conformance"


 "Corrections to references"

I may have missed the discussion that led up to that change. But as I said my recollection was that we wanted to import change classes as is.

Sorry if I've missed discussion about this.


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