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ISSUE-162 (profile discrepancy): profile discrepancy [DFXP 1.0]

Line Height stacking strategy algorithm - approval needed

Meeting today - cancellation reminder

Regrets for upcoming

TTWG Agenda for 9/1/14

TTWG Meeting 16th Jan 2014

TTWG meeting 30th Jan 2014 Agenda to follow. Check your Change Proposals please.

Updates on the proposed charter

WebVTT endTime = infinity and ability to rewrite cue times

{agenda} 16/1/14 TTWG meeting

{agenda} TTWG Meeting 30/01/2014

{minutes} 16/1/14 TTWG meeting

{minutes} 9/1/14 TTWG Meeting

{minutes} TTWG Meeting 30/01/2014

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