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8.2.20 tts:textDecoration - Example Fragment – Text Decoration - lineThrough

Agenda for 10th Oct

Agenda for telecon - Friday 24th

Agenda for teleconference 31st October

Agenda for timed-text telecon 3/10/2008

Agenda for TT telecon on 16th

DFXP and Testing

DFXP test suite link


FYI: DFXP test suite coverage report

Issue 1 - metadata

Issue 2 - ttm:role

issue 3 - timing

ISSUE-2 (Testsuite_update): Test Suite needs to be updated so that multiple region support is not required

Minutes of telecon 24th Oct 2008

Minutes of TT telecon 3rd Oct 2008

question re: streaming caption data format

This weeks TT telecon is on Friday

Time tests.

tts:fontFamily and quotedString

TTWG minutes 10/31/08

TTWG minutes October 10, 2008

TTWG minutes October 16, 2008

Updated DFXP implementation list

W3C Video Activity and Issues related to PF

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