issue 3 - timing

>         b) timing.

>                 i) spec issue. default values for many parameters not

> specified by : xxx

>                in particular default timing semantics for region, p and span

> are not defined.

Actually, I believe that 10.4 Time Intervals addresses this issue fully.

That addresses its implicit duration, and I was actually referring to the time container semantics (although that was not clear from what I wrote admittedly).

In reviewing this, However I discovered we state in timecontainer:

If a timeContainer attribute is not specified on an element that has time container semantics, then par time container semantics must apply.
Which would clear the matter up, except that in body for example we state:

If no timeContainer attribute is specified, then a body element must be interpreted as having sequential time containment semantics.
So I think it would be worth going through the elements which say nothing (region, p and span) and explicitly call out they are par. And remove the blanket clause in timecontainer as it is not clear which has precedence.

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