tts:fontFamily and quotedString

Section 8.2.9 says:
8.2.9 tts:fontFamily

Values: (<familyName> | <genericFamilyName>) (","  (<familyName> |
<genericFamilyName>))* | inherit


Section 8.3.5 says:
8.3.5 <familyName>

A <familyName> expression specifies a font family name.

If the name contains a whitespace or quotation delimiter character, then
it must be expressed as a <quotedString>.

 <familyName> : <string> | <quotedString>

However, I noticed that some of the tests contain:

 tts:fontFamily="MS Gothic"

Should the string "MS Gothic" be quoted since it contains a whitespace,
and be written as:
 tts:fontFamily='"MS Gothic"'

It seems section 8.3.5 needs to be revised to match [1]. What's the
point of forcing quotes in case of whitespaces when the delimiter for
multiple font names is the comma?



Received on Friday, 17 October 2008 12:53:48 UTC