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Draft minutes: 2015 Feb 17 call Rick Byers (Tuesday, 17 February)

Draft agenda for TECG call: Feb 18 Rick Byers (Tuesday, 17 February)

PR: Add myself as an editor of v1-eratta Rick Byers (Wednesday, 11 February)

PR of my proposed errata Patrick H. Lauke (Monday, 9 February)

mouseenter, mouseleave, and touch compat/interop Jacob Rossi (Wednesday, 4 February)

Ted Dinklocker Introduction Ted Dinklocker (Tuesday, 3 February)

Re: Landing changes to touch-events GitHub Arthur Barstow (Tuesday, 3 February)

RE: 2 proposals for stylus support. Extend range of Touch.rotationAngle. Add Touch.tilt Jacob Rossi (Tuesday, 3 February)

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