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1st CFP: IJCAI-11 Workshop on Discovering Meaning On the Go in Large & Heterogeneous Data (LHD-11) Michael Chan (Saturday, 18 December)

a more JavaScripty binding for exceptions Cameron McCormack (Friday, 17 December)

[Bug 11485] New: Properties corresponding to operations should be enumerable (Monday, 6 December)

Re: Fwd: [WebIDL] summary of topics discussed at TC39 meeting Cameron McCormack (Sunday, 5 December)

[Bug 11451] New: Add a string enum type (Wednesday, 1 December)

Configurable, writable "const" values? Travis Leithead (Wednesday, 1 December)

String enum pattern Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 30 November)

[WebIDL] summary of topics discussed at TC39 meeting Cameron McCormack (Wednesday, 24 November)

[Bug 11388] New: Add DOMTimeStamp (Tuesday, 23 November)

[WebIDL] prototype chains, multiple inheritance, mixin interfaces Cameron McCormack (Friday, 19 November)

[Bug 11341] New: typo in 4.2.10: "[READ_ERROR]" should read "[Replacable]" (Thursday, 18 November)

[Bug 11268] New: Make ES5 section number references less confusing (Monday, 8 November)

[Bug 11267] New: Add a [NonConfigurable] extended attribute (Monday, 8 November)

[Bug 11195] New: HTMLCollection wants to be an array (Tuesday, 2 November)

[Bug 11185] New: Switch the order of checking for Function-ness and a property for [Callback] objects (Sunday, 31 October)

[Bug 11176] New: Make properties on the global for interface object configurable (Saturday, 30 October)

[Bug 11175] New: Point out that the behaviour of assigning to properties corresponding to read only attributes (Saturday, 30 October)

[WebIDL] ES5 alignment: IE9's readonly and WebIDL configurable attribute Travis Leithead (Friday, 29 October)

[Bug 11138] New: Consider adding class/static methods (Sunday, 24 October)

Re: [WebIDL] Prod for T[] Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Thursday, 21 October)

[Bug 11098] New: Possible errors in integer and float regular expressions (Tuesday, 19 October)

[Bug 11056] New: Special operations should be overridable (Thursday, 14 October)

[Bug 11033] New: Specify property enumeration order (Thursday, 14 October)

Removal of identifierless getters, setters, etc. Cameron McCormack (Tuesday, 12 October)

CfC: publish a new Working Draft of Web IDL; deadline October 18 Arthur Barstow (Monday, 11 October)

Re: Fw: Web IDL spec nitpick: SHOULD and SHOULD NOT? Cameron McCormack (Friday, 8 October)

Re: Typo in WebIDL? Cameron McCormack (Friday, 8 October)

Re: [webIDL] nullable interface types Cameron McCormack (Friday, 8 October)

Re: Thoughts on ES5 binding modifications (was: RE: Java bindings generated from Web IDL) Cameron McCormack (Friday, 8 October)

Re: [WebIDL] interface objects with [Constructor] and [[Call]] Cameron McCormack (Friday, 8 October)

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