Question on transformation of multiple triple reifier to single triple reifier

So far we discussed validation approaches to check if data contains “multiple triple reifier” occurences.

I am not sure if this needs to be part of RDF 1.2 itself, but would it technically be possible (and useful) to tell data consumers best practices like: you can convert multiple triple reifier data to single triple reifier data?

E.g. as input:
<< :m1 | :liz :marriedTo :richard>> :from 1964; :to 1975 .

<< :m1 | :richard :marriedTo :liz>> :publiclyKnownFact true.

And as output:
<< :_r1  | :liz :marriedTo :richard>> :from 1964; :to 1975 .

<< :_r2 | :richard :marriedTo :liz>> :publiclyKnownFact true.



Received on Friday, 26 April 2024 07:21:58 UTC