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Regrets from me for this week too.    Dominik Tomaszuk (IRC Dominik_T)   
        Dnia 22 kwietnia 2024 17:59 Gregg Kellogg <> napisaƂ(a):
         Regrets from me for this week and next.  
Gregg Kellogg

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                RDF-star WG biweekly focused meeting
                                 Upcoming   Confirmed 
                                                                25 April 2024, 12:00
                -12:55                America/New_York
                    Event is recurring every other week on Thursday, starting from 2023-10-12, until 2024-12-31
                        RDF-star Working Group
 Discuss if a single id can reify more than one triple Scribe: Williams, Gregory (alternate: Bremer, Erich) Next week's scribe:  Bremer, Erich (alternate: Raggett, Dave) 
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