AW: Event Updated: RDF-star WG biweekly meeting

Regrets, I will be at data week Leipzig. I hope I will bring further feedback on our main topic.



Von: Adrian Gschwend (W3C Calendar) <>
Datum: Dienstag, 16. April 2024 um 16:51
An: RDF-star Working Group <>
Betreff: Event Updated: RDF-star WG biweekly meeting

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RDF-star WG biweekly meeting Upcoming Confirmed

18 April 2024, 12:00 -12:55 America/New_York

Event is recurring every other week on Thursday, starting from 2023-11-16, until 2024-12-31
RDF-star Working Group <>


  1.  Approval of minutes from the last two meetings: 1<>, 2<>
  2.  Proposal for next week's discussion 3<TBD>
  3.  Review of open actions, available at 4<>
  4.  Review of pull requests, available at 5<>
  5.  Issue Triage, available at 6<>
  6.  Any Other Business (AOB), time permitting

Scribe: Champin, Pierre-Antoine (alternate: Williams, Gregory)

Next week's scribe: Williams, Gregory (alternate: Bremer, Erich)

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Report feedback and issues on GitHub<>.

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