Re: Support for reified sets

> On 17 Apr 2024, at 22:52, Luke VanderHart <> wrote:
> If the group determines that reifiers can be card-many, then reifiers
> will become, de facto, a mechanism for creating and describing graphs
> (which is, by definition, a set of triples.)

I have read and listened to this argument several times. I have said several times the many reasons why it is not sound.
Today I am adding a new fancy reason using your very same argument in the other direction: a triple term “creates and describes“ a class (“which by definition is a set of” resources).
So, triple terms “will become, de facto, a mechanism for creating and describing” classes.
This would be true much more in general for any many-to-* predicates: they always induce the existence of a set of resources. But the resource on the other side of the predicate is never meant to create and describe a class, with the exception of the case when it is meant to: rdf:type.
The predicate rdf:reifies is meant to talk about reifications, not about naming  graphs. So, yes, it induces a set of the triple terms reified by the reifier: so what?
By the way, this set of triple terms is not a graph for several reasons I already mentioned several times. One is that a RDF graph defines the boundary of the scope of bnodes, while here bnodes are bound outside the set of triple terms (because they are transparent).

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