Re: Local community feedback on current proposal

You're writing that the multi-edge reification  "Approach is not compatible with LPG". This is wrong. Ora made that claim in [1] without substantiating it and you are repeating it without having given it any more substance here or before. 

There is arguably little harm, if any at all, in interpreting all annotations on a multi-edge reifier in RDF as applying to each edge individually in LPG. It is not a new issue either as annotations on lists in RDF aren't any more specific about if they refer to the list as a whole or each of its members since RDF 1.0, published in 2004 (notably ditching a respective property present in the 1999 specification of RDF).


Am 14. April 2024 18:39:35 MESZ schrieb "Sasaki, Felix" <>:
>Next Thursday I will be presenting at a German knowledge graph related event (data week Leipzig).
>I had planned to talk about generative AI use cases but switched the topic. I will try to get feedback from the local community about our main discussion topic, triggered by Ora’s mail [1].
>The participants are quite heterogenous in terms of RDF knowledge, but some basic understanding about RDF (star) is available.
>To summarize the current topic, I created the attached two, very generic slides, and tried to consider various points made on the list.
>Feedback is very welcome; I can change the slides until Wednesday EOB Europe.

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