need for reifiers

The problem with annotating triples directly is that RDF graphs are sets, not 
multi-sets, so there is at most one triple with a given subject, predicate, 
and object in an RDF graph.

If annotations were directly attached to the triple, then
:e1 :influenced :e2 {| :strength 50, :source :s1 |}.
:e1 :influenced :e2 {| :strength 100, :source :s2 |} .
would conflate the strength and the source.

Most of the use cases enumerated in need this kind of separation.

But I suppose that the WG could reverse course and decide that this was 
acceptable and require that these problems be overcome by using something like;
:e1 :influenced :e2 {| :support [:strength 50, :source :s1] |}.


> Am 12. April 2024 09:03:22 MESZ schrieb "Sasaki, Felix" <>:
>>Hi Souri and all,
>>We did not discuss this during the call yesterday. It would be great to get feedback from others on the list.
>>:e3 rdf:reifies <<( e1 :influenced :e2 )>> .
>>I continue to ask what use case is behind this additional layer of reification. With
>>e1 :influenced :e2
>>I can easily query all edges that have been influenced by each other. Why do I need another reification?

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