Re: rdf:reifies many-to-many vs. many-to-one

On 3 Apr 2024, at 18:56, Gregory Williams <> wrote:

On Apr 3, 2024, at 8:19 AM, Franconi Enrico <> wrote:

Ora wrote: "While the primary use-case for reifications may be 1-1, …”.
In these specific 1-1 cases, I believe that instead of:

:e rdf:reifies <<( :s :p :o )>> .
:e :p1 :o1 .

you should write directly:

 <<( :s :p :o )>> :p1 :o1 .

since this implicitly implements a 1-1 relationship.

For LPG interop use-cases, we want to be able to uniquely identify occurrences of triples (edges). Your proposed alternative wouldn’t capture the same semantics, as it would be asserting properties of the triple term itself, not on a specific occurrence of that triple.

My proposed alternative would surely capture the one-to-one cases, as I specified. LPG use cases are many-to-one, and my example above would not work for them, as you correctly point out.

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