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howto do punctual updates to the production validator Olivier Thereaux (Friday, 29 April)

WLC 4.2 uploaded to CPAN Ville Skyttä (Wednesday, 27 April)

onsgmls -R Ville Skyttä (Wednesday, 27 April)

[meeting] reminder and agenda, 2005-04-26 Olivier Thereaux (Monday, 25 April)

notes on ongoing testing of onsgmls/sgml-lib Olivier Thereaux (Monday, 18 April)

[wmvs] Requirements for "Valid" Badges Terje Bless (Tuesday, 12 April)

[meeting] reminder: 2005-04-12 Olivier Thereaux (Monday, 11 April)

Re: [checklink] list of potential solutions to timing issues olivier Thereaux (Monday, 11 April)

[check] ignores SYSTEM declarations? Olivier Thereaux (Wednesday, 6 April)

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