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Publishing repository set up Ivan Herman (Wednesday, 29 March)

Meeting minutes 2017-03-28 Ivan Herman (Wednesday, 29 March)

advancing EPUB 3 Bill McCoy (Friday, 24 March)

W3C Publishing Business Group call Tuesday March 28, 16:00 CET Bill McCoy (Wednesday, 22 March)

Almost all pending pull requests merged in the charter draft... Ivan Herman (Monday, 20 March)

Proposed charter change for the 'Why EPUB 4' issue Ivan Herman (Saturday, 18 March)

Minutes of the F2F meeting in London, 2017-03-13 Ivan Herman (Tuesday, 14 March)

publishing@w3c business group meeting Johnson, Rick (Sunday, 12 March)

In-Person and Remote Participation for 13 March Publishing Business Group Kick-off Meeting Karen Myers (Thursday, 9 March)

Re: reminder: W3C Publishing Business Group kickoff meeting March 13 Paul Belfanti (Thursday, 9 March)

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