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> I agree with the original issue (#27) that prompted this work, but I have to say that I have numerous major objections to this text – in the context the Charter document.  I believe that 90+% of the content provided in this document has NO PLACE in the charter for the WG.  It’s marketing.  I would certainly support the development of a separate document, from the BG, that contains most (but not all) of this material as supplemental to the charter.

the separate text is _not_ part of the charter; my apologies if I gave a wrong impression. It is meant to be a separate document from the BG, and this was also the agreement on the BG F2F. I have put it into the charter repository for convenience; that may be an unfortunate choice and we may decide to put it somewhere else (a separate BG repository? on W3C date space? I am not sure) when we finalize the fine details.

(Personally, I would opt to set up a separate Repo for the development of various BG documents. But this is not my call, the chairs of the BG should agree or disagree.)

The only part of the charter is the extra paragraph that intends to make a very succinct reason of having EPUB 4 and making a reference to the BG document, just as we make a reference to the IG documents.

> So what is the process to have this content rejected from the charter?  Does this need to happen in the BG or the WG?
> (and this is why I raised my concerns from day one about the fact that we have two groups vying for control over that Charter).

The process is simple: we have to find a consensus among the main players here, which is the IG and BG members. I do not really see a major problem on this at the moment.


> Leonard
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> Subject: Proposed charter change for the 'Why EPUB 4' issue
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> Dear all,
> as agreed on the F2F meeting in London, there is now a proposal to settle Issue #27[1]. BillK (with minor help from Liisa and I) has created a document on the business case of EPUB & EPUB 4[2], and a there is also a proposal for the charter text that contains a single paragraph and a reference to that document[3] (see the paragraph right before section 2.1).
> These changes have not yet been incorporated into the 'main' charter (hence the funny URL-s [2] and [3]). Please either add your  comment to [1] or the "Pull request" issue[4]. If you want to propose specific editorial changes, that can also be done by using [5] or [6], respectively.
> Thanks
> Ivan
> P.S. The link to the 'business case' in the proposed new charter paragraph does not work at this moment; it points to the place where the final document will be if and when this proposed change, a.k.a. 'pull request' is merged to the main branch.
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