Re: Proposed charter change for the 'Why EPUB 4' issue

Proposed changes to the EPUB 4 text in the charter:  (changes inline in red, and called out individually following)

<a href="">EPUB</a> has become a fundamental technology for the global publishing ecosystem (see the <a href="">separate document</a>, published by the <a href="">W3C Publishing Business Group</a>, for more details and backgrounds). It is a preferred format for a broad range of types of accessible publications, not only for distribution but also for authoring and production workflows, and for accessibility. As part of the work on Web Publications, described in this charter, it is also critical that a next generation of EPUB, currently referred to as EPUB&nbsp;4, retain the specificity, portability, and predictability required by the publishing ecosystem while benefitting from the improved features and functionalities offered by Packaged Web Publications. EPUB&nbsp;4 must not be in conflict with Web Publications; it must be a type of Web Publication that provides the predictability and interoperability that this ecosystem has come to rely on.

1 – the -> a (since there are many preferred formats used in publishing depending on the context)
2 – moved accessibility to be more primary in the description of publications (and make the sentence clearer)


From: Ivan Herman <>
Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 3:50 PM
To: W3C Publishing Business Group <>
Cc: Bill Kasdorf <>, Liisa McCloy-Kelley <>, W3C Digital Publishing IG <>, W3C Publishing Steering Committee <>
Subject: Proposed charter change for the 'Why EPUB 4' issue
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Resent-Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2017 15:50:33 +0000

Dear all,

as agreed on the F2F meeting in London, there is now a proposal to settle Issue #27[1]. BillK (with minor help from Liisa and I) has created a document on the business case of EPUB & EPUB 4[2], and a there is also a proposal for the charter text that contains a single paragraph and a reference to that document[3] (see the paragraph right before section 2.1).

These changes have not yet been incorporated into the 'main' charter (hence the funny URL-s [2] and [3]). Please either add your  comment to [1] or the "Pull request" issue[4]. If you want to propose specific editorial changes, that can also be done by using [5] or [6], respectively.



P.S. The link to the 'business case' in the proposed new charter paragraph does not work at this moment; it points to the place where the final document will be if and when this proposed change, a.k.a. 'pull request' is merged to the main branch.







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