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> Hi Stephan,
> On 27/02/13 07:56, Stephan Zednik wrote:
>> The examples from the note should be identical to, or very very similar to, the xml examples in examples/eg-40-xml-examples-by-terms/xml.  All the xml examples in eg-40 currently validate using xmllint.  You can run make in this directory to run the validation tests.
> I don't understand how they validate. For instance, example 23: line-management example has no prefix, but no default prefix defined.
> I now realise prov:ref="a" suffers from the same problem. This occurs in several examples.

I do not at this time know why a QName with only a local part and no defined default namespace currently validates.

Also, did anything with the glossary.js change?  My glossary references no longer appear to work.


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