PROV-ISSUE-222 (used-objectproperty): Datatype property for used? [Ontology]

PROV-ISSUE-222 (used-objectproperty): Datatype property for used? [Ontology]

Raised by: Paul Groth
On product: Ontology

Currently, prov-o:used is defined as an objectproperty. This is fine. However, we've be doing some modeling here at the VU where the parameter to a program is a string. Currently, this is not modelled using a prov-o:used edge but it seems like it should be. Is there anyway we can support this?

My first inclination is to define a corresponding datatype property but this make break the semantics of entity...

Another option might be to suggest using a blank node with the string attached using an application specific predicate.


Received on Wednesday, 18 January 2012 09:40:36 UTC