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CFP: Third International Workshop on Privacy Engineering (IWPE'17) Nick Doty (Friday, 23 December)

FW: Proposed W3C Charter: Web Security Interest Group (until 2017-01-06) Kepeng Li (Thursday, 22 December)

Privacy review of the Remote Playback API? Francois Daoust (Friday, 16 December)

Review of WebRTC Statistics from Privacy Interest Group Stefan Håkansson LK (Wednesday, 14 December)

New ePrivacy directive discusses Web browsers Lukasz Olejnik (W3C) (Monday, 12 December)

W3C Web Authentication WG Face-to-Face Meeting 02/13/2016 Anthony Nadalin (Friday, 9 December)

For your calendar - next PING call - 19 January 2017 UTC 17 Tara Whalen (Monday, 5 December)

RE: I-D Action: draft-ietf-httpbis-client-hints-03.txt Mike O'Neill (Saturday, 3 December)

PING draft agenda - Thursday 01 Dec 2016 - UTC 16 Tara Whalen (Thursday, 1 December)

Questionnaire on github (Sunday, 27 November)

re PING @ IETF 97 Christine Runnegar (Friday, 18 November)

User Data Controls for Web Browsers Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 17 November)

reminder PING @ IETF 97 - Thursday Christine Runnegar (Wednesday, 16 November)

Security and Privacy Considerations section for WebVTT, comments please!! David Singer (Tuesday, 15 November)

WebPerf spec updates for review Wendy Seltzer (Tuesday, 15 November)

Ownership of content Amitav Mohanty (Thursday, 10 November)

PING @ IETF 97 Christine Runnegar (Sunday, 13 November)

Requesting privacy review of IndexedDB API Léonie Watson (Monday, 7 November)

Requesting wide review of Screen Orientation API Léonie Watson (Monday, 7 November)

Fwd: Special Session Proposal on JPEG Privacy and Security for IEEE ICIP 2017 Ambarish S Natu (Saturday, 5 November)

Re: ACTION-13: Incognito/Private-Browsing-Mode, discussion starter Joseph Lorenzo Hall (Wednesday, 2 November)

PING draft agenda - Thursday 03 Nov 2016 - UTC 16 Tara Whalen (Tuesday, 1 November)

For your calendar: next PING call on 03 November 2016, UTC 16 Tara Whalen (Thursday, 20 October)

Summary of TPAC 2016 PING meeting (20 September 2016, Lisbon) Tara Whalen (Thursday, 20 October)

Review of Audio Output Devices API from Privacy Interest Group Stefan Håkansson LK (Wednesday, 19 October)

Fwd: List of self-questionnaires to facilitate wide reviews and reminder Wendy Seltzer (Thursday, 6 October)

Seeking feedback on "user consent" text in Web Payments Working Group specification Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 6 October)

Re: Requesting a security and privacy review for Linked Data Notifications Joseph Lorenzo Hall (Tuesday, 4 October)

Re: Privacy protection principles Joseph Lorenzo Hall (Tuesday, 4 October)

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