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Re: re PING @ IETF 97

From: Christine Runnegar <runnegar@isoc.org>
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2016 09:15:00 +0000
To: David Singer <singer@apple.com>
CC: "public-privacy@w3.org" <public-privacy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <0285BFC6-ACE6-4A42-9E49-327FCAA587D0@isoc.org>

> On 18 Nov 2016, at 7:53 PM, David Singer <singer@apple.com> wrote:
>> On Nov 17, 2016, at 18:38 , Christine Runnegar <runnegar@isoc.org> wrote:
>> (3) Privacy questionnaire
>> We have been receiving increasing numbers of requests to conduct privacy reviews of specifications. Our PING resources do not scale to this. So, we really need to devote our core effort to getting this out the door. I’m looking for volunteers to work with me on the draft in December. 
> I recently started this for the VTT specification (and sent a copy to this list).  It became clear that the questions were written with the mind-set that the spec is for a protocol, and I think we need better questions for specs of formats.

Noted. Thank you David. If you have suggestions for what those better questions might be like that would be really helpful. 
> David Singer
> Manager, Software Standards, Apple Inc.

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