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[Agenda] 15 May 2019 Card Payment Security Task Force call

[Agenda] 16 May WPWG teleconference

[Agenda] 29 May 2019 Card Payment Security Task Force call

[Agenda] 30 May WPWG call

[Blog post] The Next Innovation in Payment Handler Distribution

[Minutes] 15 May Card Payment Security Task Force

[Minutes] 16 May 2019 WPWG teleconference

[Minutes] 2 May 2019 WPWG teleconference

[Minutes] 29 May card payment security task force call

[Minutes] 30 May 2019 Web Payments Working Group call

[Minutes] Card Payment Security Task Force

Extending the Reach of Open Banking APIs

Please Register for the next WPWG face-to-face meeting (16-17 September during TPAC 2019)

Registration until 24 May for W3C Workshop on Web Games - Payments and Monetization in scope

Some questions regarding payment request api on mobile (airbnb)

wpwg-ACTION-115: Look into answer to lte's question about routing flexibility wrt mastercard tokens

wpwg-ACTION-116: Investigate reliability of card type info from src metadata.

wpwg-ACTION-117: Figure out how to describe or refer to transactionid.

wpwg-ACTION-118: Write up use case he has in mind

wpwg-ACTION-119: Add a use case / review use cases.

wpwg-ACTION-120: Add that note to the wiki

wpwg-ACTION-121: Determine usefulness of boolean about tokenusagetype within mastercard

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