Please Register for the next WPWG face-to-face meeting (16-17 September during TPAC 2019)

Dear Web Payments Working Group,

The next face-to-face meeting of the Web Payments Working Group will take place 16-17 September
as part of W3C’s annual TPAC meeting, this year in Fukuoka, Japan:

Registration is now open for the week:

My expectation (though it has not yet been confirmed) is that the (new) Web Payment Security Interest Group will also meet during TPAC on Thursday and Friday. However, because that has not yet been decided within the group (which first meets 29 May), that meeting does not appear in the registration form. I anticipate that once we have finalized the decision to meet, we will add it to the registration form, and those who plan to participate can update their registration.

We have started a page for the Web Payment WG agenda and logistics (though it is currently empty):

That page is linked from our general meeting page (in the right column):

Thank you,


Ian Jacobs <>
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Received on Monday, 13 May 2019 12:58:57 UTC