Re: RDF/XML shorthand for RDF reification

On 26 Jun 2008, at 10:32, Ivan Herman wrote:
> As both Alan and Peter said: this is independent on whether the  
> reified triple should appear in the RDF graph explicitly or not.  
> Actually (I am sorry Alan...) I do not think any RDF/XML syntax  
> trick (whether there is a remedy or not) has any relevance here.  
> Indeed, we should not rely on the particularities, oddities, etc,  
> of one particular RDF serialization and we should keep to the RDF  
> model.

As we've had a lengthy discussion of the implementation burden of  
having or lacking the extra triple, we should definitely pay  
attention to the quirks of RDF/XML. While it doesn't change the worst  
case, the existence of an extremely compact version of the extra  
triple matters for performance, authoring, just turns out  
not to be especially useful unless we change other bits. Thus,  
appealing to rdf:ID on property elements is not a costless benefit of  
adding the explicit triple.


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