Re: minutes from yesterday and some fixes

2010/3/9 RaphaŽl Troncy <>:
>> I noticed that too. When typing examples recently, using comma to
>> separate start and end times feels wierd. Is there a reason we don't
>> use '-' in URL?
> The time dimension allows to have wall-clock time code .
> Wall-clock time code have dashes, e.g.
> t=clock:2009-07-26T11:19:01Z,2009-07-26T11:20:01Z
> Do you want to quote this? :-)

I think it's good to add such rationale to the spec.

Now that we've decided to use only that timecode format for
wall-clock, perhaps we could revisit using '-' for span as it would be
unambiguous here (ie. it could only come between "Z" and "clock".

>> (In earlier annodex specs we avoided '-' in case it was ambiguous with
>> times earlier than zero, but is that really an issue?)
> Was it because of wall-clock time code?

nah, we were using a different clock time format (without internal dashes) iirc.



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