Re: minutes from yesterday and some fixes

2010/3/9 Conrad Parker <>:
> 2010/3/9 RaphaŽl Troncy <>:
>>> I noticed that too. When typing examples recently, using comma to
>>> separate start and end times feels wierd. Is there a reason we don't
>>> use '-' in URL?
>> The time dimension allows to have wall-clock time code .
>> Wall-clock time code have dashes, e.g.
>> t=clock:2009-07-26T11:19:01Z,2009-07-26T11:20:01Z
>> Do you want to quote this? :-)
> I think it's good to add such rationale to the spec.
> Now that we've decided to use only that timecode format for
> wall-clock, perhaps we could revisit using '-' for span as it would be
> unambiguous here (ie. it could only come between "Z" and "clock".

clock doesn't get repeated for the second value.

In annodex in the end we actually decided to use "/" as a span
separator since it didn't step on anything else.

But do we really want to change the comma? Lots of other similar
implementations have also used the comma, so it's fairly well known


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