Re: minutes from yesterday and some fixes

2010/3/9 RaphaŽl Troncy <>:
>> The argument is as follows:
>> 1. we have to use semicolon in the HTTP header, since comma has a
>> different meaning there.
> I have followed this thread of discussion but I'm not sure I agree with this
> conclusion.

That was Yves' argument. Has that changed?

>> 2. we might as well be consistent in both, URL and HTTP header with
>> our separators.
> We are already not consistent between URL and HTTP header for the time
> dimension. We use ',' in the URL and '-' in the headers, since we prefer to
> follow the bytes pattern.

Yes, it was unavoidable there, but this is a different dimension and
if we can avoid it, we should. The less parsing changes necessary, the


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