Re: [html] Summary draft

On Sep 14, 2009, at 5:58 PM, Ian Hickson wrote:

> On Mon, 14 Sep 2009, Cynthia Shelly wrote:
>> This conversation was started on the wai-xtech list, but it's time to
>> move it over here.  The draft below is based on an HTML 5 draft of  
>> about
>> 1 month ago, and is an attempt to find a middle ground on @summary.
> I couldn't find any description of what problem this proposal is  
> trying to
> solve. Could you point me to the description of the issue that is  
> being
> resolved here? Why is the text currently in the HTML5 spec not  
> considered
> acceptable middle ground?
> It is difficult to evaluate proposals without understanding what  
> problems
> they are trying to solve.
> Incidentally, I believe the process that we are supposed to be  
> following
> these days is that when there is a problem in the spec, a bug should  
> be
> filed describing the problem, so that the issue can be tracked. If you
> could file a bug (or point me to the relevant bug if one is already
> filed), that would be very helpful.

No one has yet suggested a spec action based on this draft. Right now  
it's been put forward for discussion, with some open questions. The  
task for the Working Group is to examine the draft, discuss Cynthia's  
open questions, and ideally distill down some concrete points with  
problem statements, preferably in the form of bugs. If you can help  
with that task, it would be much appreciated.


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