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Re: View Source

From: Robin Berjon <robin@berjon.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 16:48:42 +0100
Cc: Lachlan Hunt <lachlan.hunt@lachy.id.au>, www-svg@w3.org, public-html@w3.org
Message-Id: <371A40E7-5620-4F73-8824-367E3F8C884F@berjon.com>
To: Jeff Schiller <codedread@gmail.com>
On Mar 17, 2009, at 16:20 , Jeff Schiller wrote:
> I'm just talking about somebody authoring:
> <html>
> <svg><circle cx=50 cy=50 fill=blue>
> </html>
> And some poor user viewing the source, copying that SVG fragment into
> another document and trying to bring it up in Inkscape...

When that becomes a correctly processable SVG document, I'll be very  
disappointed if Inkscape doesn't just parse the above. It's just an  
extra parser library, the additional complexity is very low.

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