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Re: View Source

From: David Woolley <forums@david-woolley.me.uk>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 08:13:28 +0000
Message-ID: <49C0AD28.8010804@david-woolley.me.uk>
To: www-svg@w3.org
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Philip TAYLOR wrote:

> No, I am certainly opposed : when I say "view source", that
> is exactly what I mean; if there were an option "view
> DOM serialisation", I could envisage uses for it, but
> the two are as different as chalk and cheese.

Whilst I think there is a need for both modes, there is a long historic 
precedent for view source not showing the true source, e.g. Netscape 
showed the output from load time document.write's, not the original source.

David Woolley
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