Re: ISSUE-54: doctype-legacy-compat

Hi Philip,

Philip Taylor wrote:
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> Which tools are "all known tools"?

That's indeed a good question. Of course there's no way no please *all* 
these tools, in particular if their doctype output is hardwired.

> There are tools which have an HTML4 or XHTML1.0 doctype hardcoded, and 
> we can't do anything about them, so I assume they must be excluded.


> Looking at the source code for TagSoup 
> (<>), I believe its "XMLWriter" 
> (actually an XML-incompatible HTML writer) can only output:
>   <!DOCTYPE html SYSTEM "">
> or
>   <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "x" "">
> (where "x" means at least one character, and "" is at least zero).

Do people use it for generating HTML5? If yes, then they must have 
encountered that problem.

Also, TagSoup is open-source, so fixing it seems to be easy (in contrast 
to changing JAXP or XSLT behavior in exising JDK 1.4..6.0 installations).

> ...
> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC ""> would only help XSLT.

Incorrect, and that has been pointed out multiple times by now.

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BR, Julian

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