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Re: budget to implement HTML6 (second answer to Mark Baker)

From: Dmitry Turin <html60@narod.ru>
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2008 10:00:24 +0300
To: public-html@w3.org
Message-Id: <138571225954824@webmail60.yandex.ru>

>> communication via SQL5 [3] over TCP (to avoid HTTP as redundant gasket [4]

> SQL was designed for database access

HTTP was converted into Baments (<?bament/?>, slides #27-26 of http://sql50.euro.ru/sql5.16.4.pdf).

Baments, as well as Saments

(Sent eleMENT, i.e. usual xml-element, including html-elements as particular case of xml-element)

was incapsulated into SQL syntax.

Composition (SQL+Saments+Baments) obtained name SQL5, and transfered just over TCP.

Main difference between HTTP and SQL5 consist of that, Baments traffic does not close TCP-connection

(in opposite to HTTP, which, as i know, do this).

As for browser, it sends or obtains only Baments and Saments (xml-elements) - and never pure SQL-command. 
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