Re: HTML WG Action-46: javascript scheme


I asked Björn about the status of the Javascript scheme draft:

> * Julian Reschke wrote:
>> in yesterday's HTML WG conference call I got the action item 
>> <>: "Ask B. Hoehrmann about 
>> any plans to update 
>> I understand the latest draft that was submitted with respect to the 
>> Javascript scheme actually is 
>> <>, right?

And here's what he replied:

> That is correct, and my plan is to make some changes to the security
> considerations section and submit it for publication as RFC some time
> after making those changes. It is not a high priority item, but I'd
> think I'll do it some time in Q1 2008.

This should close ACTION-46.

BR, Julian

Received on Friday, 25 January 2008 16:29:53 UTC