Re: ISSUE-28 (http-mime-override): Content type rules in HTML 5 overlaps with the HTTP specification? [HTML Principles/Requirements]

Julian Reschke wrote:
> In particular, it seems that neither FF2 nor FF3 follow these rules with 
> respect to ignoring text/plain in certain situations (test cases 008, 
> 009, 010 in 
> <>).

Those are sent with "Content-Encoding: gzip".  Due to an internal limitation, 
Gecko does not sniff such content at the moment (basically, because sniffing 
would involve undoing the content encoding first, since sniffing the gzipped 
data is pointless).  If the test sent the data without Content-Encoding (which 
is the usual situation for the cases the sniffing is designed to address), those 
tests would get sniffed as binary.

Oh, and we really do plan to addres the gzip limitation at some point, just so 
things are consistent and people don't get confused as you did here...


Received on Friday, 25 January 2008 16:36:47 UTC