Re: Underline element.

Henri Sivonen wrote:
> English words may not make sense is Chinese. That's the whole point of 
> translation. The translation process may quite naturally involve 
> changing inline markup to suit the target language when the words 
> themselves are changed.

Yes, English words do not make sense in Chinese, that's why they are 
translated, but nouns like ship names, place names, people names etc do! 
Most translation jobs do not naturally involve changing inline markup as 
it's the developers job to develop the site and translators (who usually 
do not think of changing markup) translate the content. Developers need 
to think forwards and add the appropriate markup before hand. When it 
comes to names, <i> does not lend itself to forward thinking but <name> 


Ca Phun Ung

Received on Monday, 7 January 2008 10:06:49 UTC