Re: Underline element.

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> In practice, deprecating <b> and <i> will lead to incorrect use of 
> <strong> and <em> for content that is not emphasized or strongly 
> emphasized. It's better for authors to use vague-semantic elements 
> like <i> for ship names than incorrect strong-semantic elements like <em>.
But keeping <b> leads to incorrect usage of headings and emphasis and 
<i> is too vaguely-semantic that it's prone to abuse. No where did I 
suggest using an <em> for ship names as that's plainly wrong. My point 
with the ship name example is that we cannot assume a tradition in one 
language (i.e. English) will be similar in another, so vague-semantic 
elements like <i> may fall apart in another language. Hence a more 
strongly semantic <name> element is more appropriate as a wrapper for 
ship names. I'm not suggesting we replace <i> for <name> either but 
maybe we should think of ways to break apart <i> so that it's no longer 
necessary to a point of deprecation.


Ca Phun Ung

Received on Monday, 7 January 2008 09:54:13 UTC