Re: Common pool of examples and validation

Le 31 mai 2007 à 05:46, Preston L. Bannister a écrit :
> Guess my point is we should start collecting examples as early as  
> possible.

Just start it. :)
Create test cases, create files, and send links to the list.
for your tests, give them  (using parts of  [test metadata][2])

* a unique identifier (URI should be fine)
* a short title
* purpose of the test
* a description
* reference to the specification
* expected results

To be part of a W3C test suite, there will be a [need for license][1]  
at a point. It seems complicated, but it avoids to be bitten later  
on. So I recommend to put the W3C license in the test itself and when  
tests will be finished, you could do a package submission at CR stage.


PS: please for the work on the list in general, more than saying we  
should do this or that. Just do it. It will be more productive for  
everyone to have actual things done. So when you see a discussion  
about a point, create one or more tests, publish them, send the links  
to the discussion. It doesn't need to be complicated and it can help  
to understand the issue. For example

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