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Le 9 mai 2007 à 05:12, Lachlan Hunt a écrit :
>>     <html profile="">
>>     <head > ...
> The profile attribute (which was actually defined for the head  
> element in HTML4) is, in practice, useless.

useless is too strong. Abuse of language. A more sound answer would  
have been:

	The profile attribute is, in practice, difficult
	to use with CMS systems when the *users* want to
	add more semantics.

There are two problems in an editing scenario with regards to head,  
metadata, etc.

* CMS (blog engines, classical ones, etc.) made often very difficult  
for a user to change the editing policies. So someone who would like  
to change the way the data are edited have to go through the owner(s)  
of the templates and to have a specific UI to edit the data.
* Authoring tools: As usual the fact that authoring tools are not  
included in the development of specifications with mandatory  
requirements, and with defined mechanisms which makes it easy to  
extend their editing scenario doesn't leverage the power of the user.

> So such real world usage and implementation experience indicates  
> that the profile attribute is not necessary, and so it shouldn't be  
> included in HTML5.

Not exactly. The scoping mechanism of microformats for most of the  
tools which implement the scraping (note that you didn't address  
authoring) is the master class namespace value. Microformats have  
created a namespace, not in the xml sense of it, but hardcoded with a  
value (hoping someone has not used the value for something else).
	hreview, hcalendar, etc.

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