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On May 8, 2007, at 5:12 PM, Karl Dubost wrote:

> Le 9 mai 2007 à 05:12, Lachlan Hunt a écrit :
>>>     <html profile="">
>>>     <head > ...
>> The profile attribute (which was actually defined for the head  
>> element in HTML4) is, in practice, useless.
> useless is too strong. Abuse of language. A more sound answer would  
> have been:
> 	The profile attribute is, in practice, difficult
> 	to use with CMS systems when the *users* want to
> 	add more semantics.

This isn't really the problem that Lachlan was raising. He's just  
pointing out that semantic markup through widely shared convention  
works in practice without having to explicitly state that a document  
is following said convention.

>> So such real world usage and implementation experience indicates  
>> that the profile attribute is not necessary, and so it shouldn't  
>> be included in HTML5.
> Not exactly. The scoping mechanism of microformats for most of the  
> tools which implement the scraping (note that you didn't address  
> authoring) is the master class namespace value. Microformats have  
> created a namespace, not in the xml sense of it, but hardcoded with  
> a value (hoping someone has not used the value for something else).
> 	hreview, hcalendar, etc.

I do see your point that more complex structures are more easy to  
recognize unambiguously.

(However, Microformats are not very strong on clearly defining  
conformance requirements for content using a given microformat and  
stating parsing requirements for content consumers, particularly in  
the face of nonconforming content. And the most widely used  
microformat is rel="nofollow", which has trivial structure.)


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