Re: HTML:html@profile

Murray Maloney wrote:
> The profile at is not complete.
> In particular, I have only spec'd REL/REV values, but you can easily infer
> the corresponding CLASS definitions. I will flesh this out a bit if anybody
> thinks that it is worth considering as an example profile.
> However, please consider:
>     <html profile="">
>     <head > ...

The profile attribute (which was actually defined for the head element 
in HTML4) is, in practice, useless.

Microformats defined profile URIs for many of their formats.  But in 
practice, there are many sites that don't bother using them properly, if 
at all, and more importantly, there are also many tools available that 
are able to work with the microformats, without even checking if it's 

So such real world usage and implementation experience indicates that 
the profile attribute is not necessary, and so it shouldn't be included 
in HTML5.

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Tuesday, 8 May 2007 20:12:42 UTC