Re: HTML:html@profile

At 06:12 AM 5/9/2007 +1000, Lachlan Hunt wrote:

>The profile attribute (which was actually defined for the head element in 
>HTML4) is, in practice, useless.
>Microformats defined profile URIs for many of their formats.  But in 
>practice, there are many sites that don't bother using them properly, if 
>at all, and more importantly, there are also many tools available that are 
>able to work with the microformats, without even checking if it's present.
>So such real world usage and implementation experience indicates that the 
>profile attribute is not necessary, and so it shouldn't be included in HTML5.

Thanks for your opinion on that. I just spent several months working on GRDDL
with Dan Connolly and others. If you are right. We may have wasted a lot of 
so I wonder whether you would give it another look and consider how it 
could work
with the help of the browser makers.

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