Re: HTML:html@profile (was Re: Extension Mechanism for HTML)

At 07:26 PM 5/8/2007 +0200, Håkon Wium Lie wrote:
>Also sprach Murray Maloney:
>  > > >
>  > > Murray, 5% of men suffer from colour blindness,
>  > > usually red-green [1]; is there any chance you could
>  > > produce an accessible version of the page ?
>  > I cannot at the moment,

Fixed. The default style sheet is back/white for the most part.
The original Muzmo stylesheet is now the alternate. RMMV.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

  > I am red/green color blind myself, but have no problem with this


Another curious tidbit ... I selected these colors by using my address as a 
for the foreground and background colors -- 8400 24th Avenue -- became
840024 and 248400. When the resulting combination turned out to be a combo
that I had always liked, I chose the pair as Muzmo's colors.



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