Re: Style sheet that hides UA-specific requirements (was: Re: Rethinking HTML 5)

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> On Tue, 01 May 2007 22:36:33 +0200, Matthew Ratzloff
> <> wrote:
>>> I think that would lead to a lot of repeated content and cross-
>>> references, for little practical benefit. And it's a lot of extra
>>> work for tour future editors. I'd like to leave it to their judgment
>>> how much to split the spec, unless there are major practical benefits
>>> to splitting out some particular section that outweigh the cost.
>>> Splitting document and user agent conformance requirements would be
>>> probably one of the most difficult splits to do.
>> Nah.  You have a complete document for implementors and a much smaller
>> document containing the allowed tags and usage guidelines for content
>> authors.  Content authors have no need or desire to view implementation
>> details.  They want to know what tags, attributes, and attribute values
>> are allowed and what they do.  A second, smaller document detailing the
>> changes from HTML 4 would also be helpful to them.
> For what it's worth... I've been working on a style sheet for the HTML5
> spec that selects everything that does not apply to authors. I believe
> this is a lot less work than creating two specs, but still achieves the
> goal of hiding irrelevant stuff from authors.
> It's not completed yet, and it might not be fully correct or up-to-date,
> but I hope that it will be helpful, especially since such a thing has been
> requested multiple times in this mailing list. For now it just grays out
> parts instead of hiding them completely.
> Contributors are welcome. I can move it to somewhere where it is easy to
> contribute if there's anyone interested in doing so.
> It's here for now (if I move it I will make it redirect):

I've always wondered, are these pages hand written and manually maintained
or is there some sort of automated content management system for the specs
and stuff? I can't imagine myself doing something is large as a w3c spec
document without some sort of server side and database being involved.

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